Master in International business for small and medium enterprises - MIBS Padova & Dubai


In partnership with Padova Promex, Confindustria Padova and the Italian Industry & Commerce Office in UAE Dubai

MIBS is an italian first level professional Master of the University of Padua.

This year MIBS offers two paths: Supporting SME Internationalisation and Web Marketing

The course consists in 300 hours of frontal lesson and at least 3 months stage in firm.

The course will finish december 31, 2017 with the project work written by the students.



The Master MIBS is devoted to train new professional figures applying the concepts, contents, languages,and methods of management. The Master provides a deep knowledge in different fields of management: human resources, innovation management, organization, international marketing, international strategy, international management, supply chain management, intercultural management, technology transfer and patent management, and business planning. The goal is to develop specific skills in the context of firms' internationalization. The Master uses a mix of methodologies and training techniques: lectures, seminars, case discussions, company visits, group work, discussion and drafting of reports, etc.


  1. At the end of the MIBS program, students will have acquired a thorough understanding of issues related to the management of MNE companies or companies placed in global markets, deepening the analysis of the models of innovation. This also in contexts related to the localization of companies in emerging markets. The MIBS program will allow students to apply their knowledge in a broader and interdisciplinary approach and to increase the understanding of the recent global trends.
  2. The knowledge gained during the course, will allow the creation of professional figures capable to fit into the management of companies with high technical and managerial profiles like export managers, managers of the global supply chains, and activator of innovative processes based both on internal and external resources (open innovation).
  3. The Master, also thanks to the teaching methodologies adopted (group-work , case-studies, presentations, reports), allows students to develop their own independent judgment and analysis.
  4. The Master, based on group work and the ongoing professor-student interaction, will develop the communication skills of the participants.
  5. The philosophy adopted focuses on the development of participants’ skills, in relation to a quick job placement.



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