Orientation Service

The Orientation Service is directed to anyone, especially students and their relatives, who are interested in information concerning the educational offer of the Department of Economics and Management. The Service main purpose is to give information and organize helpful activities in channeling students to their optimal path of studies. The Service also collaborates with the University of Padua in organizing orientation activities and events.

How to access the Orientation Service

If you need help for the choice of the degree program or to find your study path, contact Ms. Chiara Bazzan (chiara.bazzan@unipd.it) to fix an appointment in via Ugo Bassi 2 (room 29-2nd floor, phone: 0498271231). Chiara Bazzan, psychologist, degreed from the four-year program in “Economics and Commerce”, had an undergraduate degree in “Psychological sciences of growth and education”, and a gradate degree in “Psychology of human development and of intervention in school”.

The deputy professor of the Orientation Service is prof. Martina Gianecchini (martina.gianecchini@unipd.it), while the Orientation Commission of the Department is composed by:

prof. Martina Gianecchini
prof. Eleonora Di Maria
prof. Paolo Gubitta



Department of Economics and Management
Orientation Service
Via Ugo Bassi 1 - 35131 Padova
phone: +39 049 8271231