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Indirizzo: VIA DEL SANTO, 33 - PADOVA . . .

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Antonio Nicolò
Curriculum Vitae
June 2013

Professional Address Department of Economic Sciences
Università degli Studi di Padova
via del Santo 33, 35123, Padova, Italy
Phone 00 39 049828 4285
Fax 00 39 049828 4211

Personal Data Birthdate: September 10, 1968
Citizenship: Italian
Marital status: Married, three children.


Ph.D. in Economics, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Thesis “Social Compromise and Collective Choice. Incentive-Compatible, Efficient and Fair Procedures”. Advisor: Salvador Barberà, 2000.

Visiting Positions
Department of Economics, European University Institute, Fernand Braudel fellowship (May-June, 2013)
Department of Economics, University of Chicago and Visiting Fellow Becker-Friedman Institute (April-June 2012).
Department of Political Science, New York University (March 2012).
Department of Economics, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (December 2011- February 2012).
Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin (October-November 2011).
Departament of Economics, Universidad del Rosario de Bogotà, Colombia (March-April 2010).
Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi, India (March-April 2007).
Department of Economics, University of Rochester, USA (April-May 2006).
Center for Mathematical Studies in Economics & Mathematical Science , Kellogg’s School of Management, Northwestern University. (May-June 2005) .
Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences, California Institute of Technology. (February-March 2001).

Editorial service

American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Theory, Games and Economic Behavior, Social Choice and Welfare, Journal of Public Economic Theory, Journal of Economics and Management Strategies, Mathematical Social Sciences, Theory and Decision, Review of Economic Design, International Journal of Game Theory, Decisions in Economics and Finance, Journal of Economics, Research in Economics, Bulletin of Economic Research, Economics Bulletin, Labour: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, Journal of Financial Stability, Journal of Financial Intermediation, Journal of Banking and Finance.


2008 Best paper published on the Journal of Financial Intermediation for the paper “Credit Derivatives, Capital Requirements and Opaque OTC Markets” (with Loriana Pelizzon), Journal of Financial Intermediation, 17, 444-463, 2008.
2005 FMA (Financial Management Association) European Conference Best Paper Award, for the paper "Credit derivatives: capital requirements and strategic contracting" (with L. Pelizzon).
2004 “M. Fanno” Prize for the best paper by young faculties of the M. Fanno Department of Economics, Università degli Studi di Padova

Other Professional Activities

• Local Organiser and Chair of the Scientific Committee of the 2007 ASSET (Association of Southern Economic Theorists) Meeting, Padua (1-November 2007).
• Member of the Scientific Committee: Asset Conferences 2008 (Florence) 2009 (Instambul) ,2010 (Alicante), 2011 (Evora), Social Choice and Welfare Conference 2008 (Montreal) , 2012 (Delhi).
• Deputy Head Graduate School of Economics and Management, University of Padua, 2008-2010.
• Member of the Board of the Veneto Graduate School of Economics and Management (joint program of the Universities of Padua, Verona and Venice), since 12/2011.
• Head of the International Office, School of Economics and Business, Università degli Studi di Padova 10/2007-10/2010
• Elected Member of the Council of the Social Choice and Welfare Society (2012-2017)

Main Research interests

Mechanism Design, Social Choice, Political Economy.

PhD thesis supervision

Principal Advisor

Marco Piovesan ,Alberto Motta Natalia Montinari, Regine OexlCurrent PhD Students

Diana Gaspari, Valeria Maggian and Paolo Roberti, 4th year.

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International outlets
• Incentive Compatibility and Feasibility Constraints in Housing Markets (with C. Rodríguez Álvarez ), forthcoming Social Choice and Welfare, doi 10.1007/s00355-012-0698-7 Print ISSN Online ISSN 1432-217X
• Transplant Quality and Patients’ Preferences in Paired Kidney Exchange (with C. Rodríguez Álvarez ), Games and Economic Behavior, 299-310, 72, 2012.
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• Strategic Divide and Choose (with Yan Yu), Games and Economic Behavior, vol. 64, pp. 268-289, 2008.
• Credit Derivatives, Capital Requirements and Opaque OTC Markets (with Loriana Pelizzon), Journal of Financial Intermediation, 17, 444-463, 2008, Best Paper Published in JFI, 2008.
• Monotonicity and Equal-Opportunity Equivalence in Bargaining (with Andres Perea), Mathematical Social Sciences, vol. 49, 221-243, 2005.
• Stable assignment of public facilities under congestion, (with Anna Bogomolnaia), Journal of Public Economic Theory, vol. 7, 63-95, 2005.
• The Strategy-Proof Provision of Public Goods under Congestion and Crowding Preferences (with Matthew O. Jackson), Journal of Economic Theory, vol.115 (2), 278-308, 2004.
• Efficiency and Truthfulness with Leontief Preferences. A Note on Two-agent Two-good Economies, Review of Economic Design, vol.8 (4), 373-382, 2004.

Chapters in Books

• On the distribution of particularistic goods, in eds. Caballero and N. Schofield, Political Economy and Institutions, Democracy and Voting Springer, Berlin , 403-411, 2011.
• Asymmetric Information and Opacity in Credit Derivatives Markets (with L. Pelizzon), in G. Gregoriou and P. U. Ali (Eds.) The Credit Derivative Handbook: Global Perspectives, Innovations and Market Drivers, McGraw-Hill, 57-76, 2008.
• Multiple locations with congestion: a normative solution (with A. Bogomolnaia), in Proceedings of the International Conference “Logic, Game Theory and Social Choice”, Ed. Harrie de Swart, Tilburg University Press, 92-104, 1999.

Papers in Italian

• Nuovi mercati, antiche condotte: Il caso AIIP – Telecom Italia (with Fabio Manenti, Piero Tedeschi and Paola Valbonesi), Economia e Politica Industriale, n.112, 191-204, 2001.
• Il ruolo della Lega Calcio nella vendita dei diritti televisivi (with Giancarlo Marcato, Piero Tedeschi and Paola Valbonesi), Economia e Politica Industriale, n.110, 95-109, 2001.
• Regolamentazione e Tutela della Concorrenza nell’essential facility: Il caso Snam – Tariffe di vettoriamento (with Fabio Manenti, Piero Tedeschi and Paola Valbonesi), Economia e Politica Industriale, n.110, 110-125, 2001.

Mechanism Design, Social Choice, Political Economy.