Course modules of English Academic writing and English Public speaking: in distance learning mode

Academic writing is an important and rewarding part of your university life, but you need to know the style and rules. 
A brief hands-on course  will help you make the best of your English when writing your dissertation or articles in your future career.

Public speaking is something you will have to do in your future. It is not easy for most people. How do you keep your audience interested? Make your point? Impart information clearly? This brief, practical course aims to help you acquire the expertise and confidence you will need for presenting your work, your plans, your projects and for presenting yourself.

If you are a student enrolled in the second year of the Graduate Degree Courses in Business Administration, Economics and Finance or Entrepreneurship and Innovation, choose one among these activities:

  • Academic writing – Group A (Tuesday: 09.00-11.00 online)
  • Academic writing - Group B (Wednesday: 09.00-11.00 online)
  • Public Speaking (Friday: 13.00-15.00 online)

The calendar is being defined.