Assistant Professor positions in Accounting and Finance (SECS-P/07) and in Management (SECS-P/08)

The Department of Economics and Management of the University of Padua is seeking excellent candidates to fill the following two academic positions:

  • Assistant Professor (un-tenured) in Accounting & Finance (13/B1 – SECS-P/07 Economia Aziendale)
  • Assistant Professor (un-tenured) in Management (13/B2 – SECS-P/08 Economia e Gestione delle Imprese) 

Job Description and Position
The Department of Economics and Management of the University of Padua invites applications for three years assistant professor positions starting in Spring 2023 in the following areas:

Accounting and Finance
The ideal candidates should have a PhD in Business, Accounting, Finance or Economics, or siblings’ disciplines obtained in Italy or abroad. Preference will be given to candidates mastering machine learning techniques and/or with a strong interest for quantitative research methods. The successful candidate will be asked to contribute to a research project on criminal firms aimed at understanding the characteristics of firms connected to criminal organizations, as well as the determinants and consequences of Mafia infiltration in the legal economy.

The ideal candidate should have a PhD in Management, Economics, or siblings’ disciplines.
Preference will be given to candidates displaying (a) an in-depth knowledge of corporate sustainability issues (social and environmental innovation, circular economy, sustainable business models, adaptive strategies toward climate change...) at both organizational and meta-organizational level; (b) knowledge of issues concerning business and innovation ecosystems, supply chain management, ethical consumption, life cycle assessment (LCA); (c) expertise in data collection (surveys, interviews, focus groups), qualitative data analysis (content analysis, inductive coding) and / or quantitative methods for data management and statistical analysis.

The candidate should be willing to take an active role in fostering a research project (whereby the funding is provided) aiming at understanding how firms can support the transition toward a more social and ecological society, via revisiting business models with a systemic approach, and a particular focus on 1) supply chain strategies and 2) the relationship with customers.

Applications by candidates of any nationality are welcome.

Knowledge of Italian is not required for the positions.

Successful candidates are expected to publish their research in top peer-reviewed journals, teach graduate or undergraduate students (with a maximum load of up to 90 hours, having the possibility of flexible arrangements depending on research activity) and contribute to the intellectual environment of the dSEA.

Salary and Workload
The annual gross salary is approx. €37.000 (Assistant Professor) Whilst this is not negotiable, the faculty member will enjoy bi-annual increases upon meeting targets as defined by the University of Padua. Depending on individual circumstances (e.g., being non-Italian resident for the past two years), the successful candidate may qualify for generous tax exemption (here for an unofficial but clear explanation of the mechanism at work).

Application procedure
Applications should be received by 30 November 2022. Applicants should submit a Curriculum Vitae, a completed research paper and select at least two recommenders at

Interviews will be conducted remotely by video as applications come in.

The most promising candidates will be invited for seminars in January and February 2023.

All expressions of interests will be treated as strictly confidential.