Accounting and Finance

Course description 

This is an introductory course in accounting and finance.
The course deals with the fundamentals of the firm value measurement and reporting process and the basis of accounting systems. It presents the ideas and terminology essential for the understanding of balance sheets income and cash flow statements. The course will be divided into three main sections:

  1. introduction to the firm value measurement and reporting process;
  2. evaluation of the economic and financial status of a company via financial statements data analysis;
  3. introduction to cost accounting and analysis.


Required course materials

All materials required for this course are provided by the Master office.


Course objectives

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the most important concepts and principles of accounting and finance. It is intended to provide students with the knowledge and the basic skills that allow them to understand and analyze annual reports and to measure costs. Fundamental aspects of both financial and management accounting are incorporated to achieve this objective. Upon completion of this course, students should:

  • have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of accounting; 
  • be able to read and understand annual reports; 
  • be familiar with the fundamentals of cost accounting and analysis.

Course Assignment and student evaluation

Grades in this course will be based on:

  • Exam 50 
  • In-class Performance 10 
  • Team Work 20 
  • Homework 20

Total: 100%

The exam consists of a series of exercises and questions covering the main topics of the course. In particular, students are requested to apply the accounting concepts and methods to prepare and to analyze a financial statement and to solve a series of decision making exercises regarding the analysis of the annual reports of selected cosmetic corporations.
In-Class Performance:
This Master course is designed in a way that gives an important role to the participation of each student during the lessons. It is important to be pro-active by asking questions, making relevant comments and adding personal views on the topics discussed. Students are expected to participate actively by having read the teaching material in advance, taking an active role in group discussions, team work and special seminars. Your overall participation will count towards the final grade of this course.

Team work:
Students are required to work in teams and analyze the financial performance of an assigned company. The team work will be discussed during a presentation at the end of the course. Further details will be given during class in due time.

Students are required to hand-in 2 pieces of homework which will be evaluated by the professors. The idea is to apply techniques and methods in order to demonstrate your comprehension. All students are expected to fulfill this requirement in order to successfully complete this course.

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