Legal & Commercial English

This course explores the financial and intellectual property subjects of letters of credit, secured transactions, bankruptcy, patents, trademarks, copyrights and personality rights. Students are exposed both to the English usage of these important commercial activities and to the Anglo-American principles that govern these concepts.

  International Payments and Documentary Credits

This course will provide the knowledge and competences needed for understanding utility and functions of documentary credits in import-export finance with particular regard to risk management.

  International Transport and Incoterms

This course will provide the knowledge needed for understanding the problems and contracts relating to the international transport of commodities.

  International Business

The course will examine the municipal, EU and international sources of the law of international contracts. Among other topics special attention will be devoted to private international law rules applicable to contractual obligations and the uniform law on the international sale of goods.

  International Marketing

This course is split in four modules, mostly taught in English. Two of these modules are concerned with the statistic notions needed for carrying out market research, and with the basic notions of marketing practices. The other two modules will provide the knowledge needed for understanding the strategies and techniques of marketing in an international context with case studies and seminars on European, American and Asian markets.

  International Financial Markets

This course is split in two modules. The first module, entirely taught in English under the title of Basics of International Trade and Finance, will provide the basic knowledge needed for working in international markets with a particular focus on foreign exchange markets and import-export contracts. The second module, entirely taught in English under the title of Euromarkets and Derivative Markets, will provide the knowledge needed for working in international financial markets, both spot and derivative, both primary and secondary. A particular attention will be focused on the contracts known as options, futures and swaps, and on their use in strategies for speculation or hedging.

  International Financial Accounting

This course aims at providing the knowledges and the competences to understand the financial reports in different accounting systems that characterize the international areas. In this way, students will be able to study and evaluate foreign firms. Particular focus will be put on budgeting system and students will lead to create a commercial budget in the international markets.

  Finance for International Commerce

This course deals with the main financial topics related to the firms engaged in international commerce both in terms of both financial requirements and the instruments to cover them. In particular, it will provide the students with the knowledgeof how to manage working capital and structural investments and alsothe knowledge of instruments and services provided by banking and non-banking intermediaries.

  International Trade and Investment Law

The course aims at providing an overview of the law of international contracts and its interaction with the principles and rules of international investment law. The course is divided in two parts: the first one will focus on the law governing international commercial contracts mainly from the standpoint of the EU law; the second one will present the sources of international investment law with special attention to bilateral investment treaties. Each part of the course will include an analysis of the relevant dispute resolution mechanisms.

  International Tax Law

The aim of this course is to provide students with the basics of International Taxation Law, with a particular focus on income taxation, VAT and custom duties matters. Students are expected to develop a basic, yet comprehensive knowledge as to how taxation laws may shape the growth of international trade.

  International Commercial and Financial Law

This course is split into two modules. The first one will provide the  students with the knowledge and skills that they need in order to carry out the negotiations and draft international commercial deals generally, and specifically sales, distribution and agency agreements. The second module will analyze the most common financing contracts signed by banks and their clients. The guarantees draw the attention of the students on the most relevant clauses of a loan agreement.