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KEY DATES: Graduate thesis Discussion (second cycle degree) A.Y 2017/18

First Session: Thesis discussion: from Monday 5 March to Saturday 10 March 2018
(Degree application must be submitted on Uniweb from 2 November 2017 to 15 January 2018)
Second session: Thesis discussion: from Monday 16 July to Saturday 21 July 2018
(Degree application must be submitted on Uniweb from March 1, 2018 to May 3, 2018)

Third session: Thesis discussion: from Monday 15 October to Saturday 20 October 2018
(Degree application must be submitted on Uniweb from 4 June 2018 to 19 July 2018)

Third session ( secondo appello): Thesis discussion: from Monday 3 December to Friday 7 December 2018
(Degree application must be submitted on Uniweb from 20 August 2018 to 15 October 2018)

* The discussion of graduate thesis can be anticipated for students admitted to doctorate research and who have submitted online their graduate application. The discussion of graduate thesis for those admitted for doctoral research will be in the period between 17-28 September 2018

1. Before applying for graduation
Please check your study plan. Once graduate application on Uniweb is completed, study plan cannot be modified.
Graduates are therefore required to check, before proceeding with the application, to check that their study plan is in "Approved" status and that it is complete.

2. Submitting Graduate application on Uniweb
Graduate application must be submitted on Uniweb. Please click here for a detailed guide:

3. Registration of credits on Uniweb
All Credits must be registered on Uniweb. Down below you can find the deadlines for registering credits for each session:
First session: 17 February 2018
Second session: 29 June 2018
Third session: 28 September 2018
Third session (second appello): 23 November 2018

4. Submitting documents at the didactics office
Students should submit certain documents using the new on-line Moodle procedure. The new procedure is available at the portal > Servizi agli studenti > Servizi Didattici (login with SSO credentials, the same used for Uniweb and for University mail). On the same page, the student can find the downloadable forms and the instructions for the upload. For any clarifications, please contact:
The documents to be sent to the didactics office are:
- release form for filing the thesis in pdf format from the University Library System,
- Commitment to confidentiality related to the contents of the thesis,
- An errors found in registration of the exams.
The deadlines for each session are:
First session: From 29 January to 21 February 2018
Second session: 04 June to 1 July 2018
Third session: 10 September to 30 September 2018
Third session (second appello): 29 October to 25 November 2018

5. Submitting Thesis hard copy and online upload
The thesis (a copy, glue binding in light cardboard, no spiral binding or other formats that allow the removal or replacement of sheets), signed by the thesis supervisor on the title page, must be delivered to the teaching office in Via Bassi 1, 5th floor, room n.53.

Use the title page A if the thesis supervisor is a structured professor of the University of Padova belonging to the Department of Economics and management, or if he is an unstructured professor of the university.
Use the title page B if, if the thesis supervisor is a structured lecturer of the University of Padua but does NOT belong to the Department of Economics and management. Insert then, in addition to the “Department of Economics and Management Marco Fanno", also the Department of origin of the thesis supervisor. To check the speaker's department, consult

The student must proceed with the upload of the thesis in the online procedure, whose access is available from this page

Deadlines for submitting thesis hard copy and uploading thesis:
First session: (Before 12 pm) 21 February 2018
Second session: (Before 12 pm) 4 July 2018
Third session: (Before 12 pm) 3 October 2018
Third session (second appello): (Before 12 pm) 28 November 2018

6. Submitting thesis hard copy to thesis supervisor and co-examiner
The student is also required to deliver a hard copy to the thesis supervisor and the co-examiner. Students are invited to promptly contact the co-examiner and make an appointment before the final exam. If the co-examiner is unable to personally collect a copy of the document, the student must send a copy of the thesis in pdf format by email.
The hard copy delivered to the didactics office will be presented to the graduation committee during the discussion and will then be filed in the student archive at the Students Office.

7. Thesis copy to Library
A PDF copy of the thesis must be sent to (subject of the email: "Dissertation")

8. Powerpoint presentation
Graduates who intend to use a PowerPoint presentation during his/her thesis discussion will have to come prepared with the presentation saved in a USB pen drive.

9. Book restitution
The students are recommended to return all the books borrowed from the library of Economics and Management before the commencement of graduate sessions.








Download Regulations and procedures for graduate thesis