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Outgoing Students

International students students can apply for an Erasmus+ for Studies scholarship during the first year of their second cycle degree course, in order to study abroad during the second year.

The Call for applications for study is open and applications can be submitted until:

- First call, January 17 2023 at 13:00

- Second call, March 29 2023 at 13:00

The call includes, among the possible destinations, Swiss partner universities joining the SEMP program and partner institutions from the ARQUS alliance.

Click here for the call presentation and instruction on how to apply.

Click here for the list of available destinations (ARQUS partner universities included).

Towards Erasmus: informative meetings held in English

First info meeting December 5th 2022, 12.30 PM

Video - Slideshow PPT - Animated PPT

Q&A Zoom Meeting, December 19th 2022, 12:30PM


  Selection criteria

Applications will be assessed as follows:

Admission score (40/100 points), to be scaled on the maximum and minimum scores registered among candidates to a specific degree course.

  • (candidate's score - min score)/(max score - min score)*40

GPA (40/100 points), to be scaled according to the maximum GPA.

  • (candidate's GPA)/(max GPA)*40

Master students' scores for merit will be available on the Moodle course named "International Office".

English language certificate, not compulsory (17/100 points):

  • > B1 certificate or English test at dSEA: 9 points
  • > B2 certificate 13 points
  • > C1 certificate 17 points

Certificate related to a second language (if relevant to optioned destinations), not compulsory (3/100 points):

  • > B1 certificate 1 point
  • > B2 certificate 2 points
  • > C1 certificate 3 points

The certificates must be issued not earlier than 01/01/2020.

A language proficiency certificate can be required by host institutions: please check it by visiting partners' websites.

  Guidelines for winners

For more information please visit the following page:

and find technical details on the International Office's Moodle page.