International Economics

Brief overview of the course

Graduate program available till academic year 2016-2017

Course description

The Master’s degree course in International Economics develops advanced skills for: the analysis of the processes and strategies of business internationalization and innovative processes of these firms in the global economy; the organization and management of firms that work in competitive transnational environments; trade relations and marketing; interpretation of real and monetary international markets. At the end of one’s studies, the Master’s graduate in International Economics will have acquired advanced skills for carrying out executive functions in firms working in international markets of goods and services, trade, marketing and market research, support of economic and social research, analysis and collaboration in managing quality control, planning and consulting.

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Career opportunities

The Master’s course in International Economics prepares graduates to carry out executive functions in various sized firms working in international markets of goods and services; to support economic analysis in international organizations as well as for national and international research bodies, the role of a junior analysts in commercial banks, investment banks and investment funds related to or active in international activities.

Duration: 2 years

Language: English (70% of teaching) and Italian (the remaining 30%). See the study plan

Tuition fees usually vary between 700-2.300€, depending on applicant’s family income


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