Law and Economics

Brief overview of the course

Characteristics and objectives

This degree course provides an advanced level of education for conducting activities of a specialized nature such as those of business consultant at financial institutions or companies, which require a strong integration of Economics and Law.
The course is composed of an initial nucleus of teachings directed to develop the necessary theoretical and methodological knowledge to interpret and to manage complex business phenomena. Course units are then grafted into this core in order to develop expertise related to the most advanced methods for planning, control and management, and a deep knowledge of the necessary legal instruments to face the problems related to the entrepreneurial choices, with particular reference to the corporate structures, the tributary profiles and the relationships with customers, suppliers and lenders.
In the fourth and last semester, students are required to complete an internship during which they are expected to develop a project work in collaboration with the host stucture.

See the complete syllabus of the course.

Occupational opportunities

This degree course prepares students for the pursuit of qualified activities in the private sector as administration, finance and control specialists. This course also prepare students for qualified activities requiring adequate knowledge of the interrelationship between Economics and law, which is necessary to face the problems of the company management and of the business strategies.


Open access with admission requirements
Number of non-EU students resident abroad: 10
of which Chinese ("Marco Polo" Programme): 5


The total amount of the fees depend on the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Index) and on the chosen degree (unless scholarships or reductions).


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