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The International Office is dedicated to enhance international partnerships and multinational and multicultural experiences in order to offer global opportunities to international students.

Students come from more than 60 countries and we have more than 80 international partners. About the 25% of our outgoing students continue the exchange period with the internship abroad and about the 20% of incoming students are supported to find an internship into Italian companies.

Those numbers are more and more growing thanks to the strong imprinting that our Department puts in its internationalization strategy to promote quality and international cooperation in management education. We have taken up international relations as a tool for perfecting the content of educational pathways, and for allowing our students to enjoy the benefits of globalization, in its most positive aspects.

The Office staff mission is to enrich and strength international networks on the basis that the experience abroad is an investment for the future and it deserves careful planning, management and commitment.

Download here a presentation of our study abroad opportunities.

The Office Provides assistance to:

  • Erasmus+ Exchange Students
  • Students coming through a Bilateral Agreement
  • Students Attending Summer Programs in Management
  • Exchange Staff

  International Office

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International Office
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