Tutoring Services

The Tutoring Service is directed to all the students enrolled in a degree program at the Department of Economics and Management “M.Fanno”. 

The goals of the Tutoring Service are:

  • to help the students to develop an autonomous and conscientious study program
  • to offer the tools to improve work organization, helping students to maximize their output by optimizing the use of time when studying /preparing for exams
  • to give the student a chance to discuss his/her problems, dealing with situations of uneasiness or distress that may affect the student’s academic results and, most importantly, his quality of life
  • to suggest interventions to improve studying abilities, foster motivation and greater control over study-related anxieties

How to access the Tutoring Service

You can access the tutoring program by contacting Mr. Ravi Yerraji (ravi.yerraji@unipd.it) to schedule an appointment in Via Ugo Bassi 1 (5th floor, tel.0498271227). Ravi yerraji, is a consultant for all tutoring activities of the Department. 

Tutor Junior

Three Tutors Junior collaborate with the Tutoring Service. The Tutors Junior are graduate students whose role is to assist and channel those who are having their first experiences within the university, but also to support and help those who are completing their studies at the Department of Economics and Management “Marco Fanno”. The Tutor Juniors goals are:

  • to help students solve eventual issues related to their academic career
  • to arrange and hold study groups on subjects that cause particular problems to the students
  • to organize valuable extra-curricular activities for the students
  • to listen and evaluate suggestions and complains coming from students
  • to set up meetings and events to help students acknowledge the labor-market demand

For the academic year 2018/2019, the role of Tutor Junior is held by the graduate students: Linda Bizzo, Eda Omeri, Sara Mazzocato.
For any information or doubts, Tutor Junior can be contacted at tutor.economia@unipd.it , and a meeting can be scheduled in the “aula tutor” (2nd floor of the building in via Bassi 1).

Before contacting the Tutoring Service you should know…

Questions related to administrative rules and procedures should be addressed exclusively to informazioni.economia@unipd.it. Anyway, you should contact this service only after having carefully examined what is already displayed and explained on the on-line pages of each degree program.
The “Marco Fanno” Economics Science Library, in collaboration with the department of Social Sciences, organizes monthly courses on how to optimally exploit the library and the available on-line material.
For more information, to enroll to these courses, or if you need some help in the “bibliographical research”, visit:



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