Master in International Commerce - MASCI

XVI edition
Academic Year 2016-2017

Applications deadline: December 13, 2016

Tuition fee: € 3.724,50 in two installments

Lectures begin: January 20, 2017

Lectures end: mid July, 2017

Admission interviews: December 14, 2016


The Master in International Commerce - MASCI is the continuation of the Master in Law, Economics and Finance of International Commerce which was offered at the University of Padova until 2000/2001. MASCI is an interdisciplinary (Law, Economics and Finance), first levelone-year master course with a limited number of participants (30 places). 

Graduates with a degree in any discipline are admitted, though preference is given to graduates in Economics, Law, Political Science or holding a second-cycle degree in these subjects or equivalent foreign university degree.

MASCI is divided into two Sections: the Law Section and the Economics and Finance Section. There are about 150 hours of lectures for each of these two sections, making a total of about 300 hours. Lectures and exams are in English.

Participants are assisted in finding internships at companies, associations or authorities involved in international commerce and finance. Those who pass the intermediate tests, do internships and present a thesis approved by supervisors, receive a Master’s Certificate in International Commerce - MASCI. If one registers for MASCI one cannot register for a second-cycle degree at the same time.