New faculty members at dSEA

Simona leonelli


Simona Leonelli RTDa P/10

Simona works on Entrepreneurship, Personality traits and Resilience. 

"I have already worked in the Department in the last three years as a research fellow and adjunct professor, and I am honored to continue my journey covering this new position. My research interests belong to the Department's organizational and human resource management group focusing mainly on resilience at the individual and organizational levels. However, I am equally interested in entrepreneurship and personality traits (such as narcissism). I generally use qualitative and quantitative analysis methods. Thank you for giving me this opportunity."

  Faculty members who joined our Department in September 2022

Giovanni Pellegrino


Giovanni Pellegrino RTDb P/01

Giovanni works on Applied Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Nonlinear methods. 

"I will soon be joining the excellent research group in Macroeconomics and Macroeconometrics of the dSEA. I conduct research in the area of applied macroeconomics and have worked on topics such as the effectiveness of monetary policy stimuli and the effects of uncertainty shocks in different economic environments. I am interested in the use of structural models similar to those in use in major central banks to study the effects of shocks as estimated by frontier macroeconometric methods. I will soon start working on the effects and transmission channels of uncertainty related to the level of future inflation. I am very confident that there will be many productive collaborations with members of the department!".

  Faculty members who joined our Department in May 2022

Bruno Buchetti


Bruno Buchetti P/07

Bruno works on Financial Accounting, Corporate Governance and Banking.

"I had the pleasure to work for our department during the last two years and I am really happy to start this new journey here. In my research, I investigate how changes to accounting rules affect the quality, informativeness and transparency of financial statements influencing in this way the real economy (e.g., in terms of access to public funds, credit allocation and corporate survival). I also study how good corporate governance practices can become a tool for better protecting shareholders and the other relevant stakeholders."

  Faculty members who joined our Department in February 2022


Elisa Tosetti P/02

Elisa works on Applied Econometrics, Big Data and Economics of Health Care.

"I intend to use advanced statistical methods and non-traditional data to contribute to the empirical understanding of economic phenomena in order to impact economic policies in Italy and Europe."


  Faculty members who joined our Department in January 2022


Chiara Burlina RTDA P/06

Chiara works on Regional Economics, Economic Geography and Innovation. 

"I am part of the PON project "Enabling Technologies and Structural Change in EU Regions (TACS-REGIO)". The three-year project will investigate whether and to what extent the increasing production and adoption of enabling technologies (KETs) by firms, organisations and sectors have an impact on structural change in European regions. The analysis, based on empirical methods, is carried out in collaboration with other professors of the Department, including Professors Giulio Cainelli and Eleonora Di Maria and their respective research groups. In addition, part of the research will be carried out at Prometeia, a private company specialised in consulting and software development, based in Bologna, and at the London School of Economics (LSE) in London in collaboration with Professor Andres Rodriguez-Pose."



Riccardo Camboni RTDA P/01

Riccardo's research interests are Industrial Organization, Experimental Economics and Political Economy.

I’ve already had the opportunity of doing research in our department, but it is with great excitement and humility that I begin this new journey. I am an applied microeconomist with a focus on the study of regulation and of the performances of public procurement and public-private partnerships. I am equally interested in the problem of fuel poverty and in the sustainability and affordability of electric and natural gas consumptions."



Giuseppe Danese RTDA P/08

Giuseppe's research interests are Organization Theory, Business Ethics and Experimental Economics.  

Over the next three years, I will be working on business strategies adapted to the current ecological transition, and on measuring the long term impact of these strategies on stakeholders. My approach to this topic is institutional and behavioural. Padova offers an ideal environment for intellectual exchange on these issues. I am proud to be part of the academic community of the "Marco Fanno" Department."



Marco Ghitti RTDB P/07

Marco works on Corporate Governance, Law and Economics and  Sustainable Finance. 

I am honored and proud to join the dSEA, one of the most important research department in Europe in its fields. This will give me the opportunity to boost my research agenda, cooperate with top-notch scholars and develop my academic profile further. I hope my work and my person will be able to contribute to a prestigious institution as the University of Padua that is celebrating an history lasting 800 years."