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Seminar by Maria Navarro Paniagua

Palazzo Levi Cases, via del Santo 33 - 12.30


Seminar by Maria Navarro Paniagua, Lancaster University

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Seminar by Thomas Conlon

PALAZZO LEVI CASES, 1st floor, VIA DEL SANTO 33 - 12.30


Seminar by Thomas Conlon, University College, Dublin

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Lesson held by Padre Francis Sebastian from Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies, India

Classroom 46, 4rd Floor, via Bassi 1


The impact of cause-related marketing on customer perception towards corporate image

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Seminar by Anna Zhu


The effect of welfare reform on repartnering behaviour

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Seminar by Maria De Paola

Sala Seminari – I° piano, Palazzo Levi Cases, Via del Santo 33 - ore 12.30


Seminar by Maria De Paola, Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance, University of Calabria "The Adverse Consequences of Tournaments: Evidence from a Field Experiment"

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