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Double Degree award

Online the selection call 2018 for Double degree award! Click here: for application: December 13th 2017, h. 3.00 pm local time. Apply on Moodle Economia > Servizi agli Studenti > Servizio

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First trimester/semester exams

Now online the first trimester/semester exams dates!Click here to check the first trimester calendar.Click here to check the first semester calendar.Please remember to enroll in Uniweb: registration open from 20 untill 3 days before each exam.For any issue write an e-mail to international.economia

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International opportunities for degree seekers

Paladin room, fifth floor, via Ugo Bassi 1


The International Relations Staff will meet the new degree seekers students in order to show them the international study abroad offer.The appointment is for Friday November 17 2017 at 12.30 in room 46 (fourth floor, via Ugo Bassi 1).For more information click here (

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International Relations Office: variation opening hour


On Thursday October 26th the International Relations Office will be open only from 10.00 to 11.00.

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From Erasmus to Erasmus+

Botanical Garden, Padova


30 years Erasmus birthday!The Erasmus programme has changed the life of 9 million people in 30 years. On October 20, the University of Padova would like to celebrate this important anniversary with all of you at our enchanting Botanical Garden.For more information:

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