Opening lecture "The Commuting of BusForFun"

Eleonora Di Maria, Director of the Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and our guest speakers Davide Buscato and Luca Campanile, co-founders of, are inviting you to the opening lecture on:

Monday 1 March at 10.30 AM on Zoom (link in Moodle).

Busforfun is a young mobility company traveling to experience the world of fun in a sustainable, shared, safe and low-cost way, across Europe.

Their 3 main values are: #WeTheFun#wethetech#wethegreen

The situation created by Covid-19 has led the BusForFun team to rethink the direction of their business. After a period of analysis, they decided to switch from event buses to commuter transport. Through this new service, BusForFun wants to respond to the demand from large commercial and industrial groups and educational institutions for organised, sanitised and personalised services that allow people to get to their workplace, university or institution in a safe, efficient and sustainable way.

Check their website: