Padova Macro Talks - 2021 edition

Padova Macro Talks

The 2021 online edition of the Padova Macro Talks (May 27-28) will gather leading scholars in the field of applied macroeconomics to generate a discussion on policy-relevant macroeconomics issues.
The workshop, co-organized by Efrem Castelnuovo from the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Padova and Giovanni Pellegrino from Aarhus University, will feature investigations on the macroeconomic impact of fiscal, monetary, credit, and uncertainty shocks at a domestic and global level. Methodological innovations, as well as applications involving state-of-the-art techniques, will also be part of this exciting program.

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Full Programme - May 27-28, 2021 (time: GMT+1)

Day 1, May 27 

09:30-11:30: Session 1 - Morning 

Chair: Giovanni Pellegrino 

09:30-10:10: Francesco Ravazzolo (University of Bolzano), Adaptive Importance Sampling for Large DSGE Models (with Stefano Grassi and Marco Lorusso) 

10:10-10:50: Eleonora Granziera (Norges Bank), Nowcasting Norwegian Household Consumption with Debit Card Transaction Data (with Knut Are Aastveit, Tuva Marie Fastbø, Kenneth Sætherhagen Paulsen e Kjersti Næss Torstensen) 

10:50-11:30: Esteban Prieto (Bundesbank), The Macroeconomic Effects of Bank Capital Regulation (with Sandra Eickmeier and Benedikt Kolb) 

11:30-12:00: Coffee break 

12:00-13:00: Session 2 - Morning 

Chair: Efrem Castelnuovo
Keynote: Barbara Rossi (Universitat Pompeu Fabra): Has the Information Channel of Monetary Policy Disappeared? Revisiting the Empirical Evidence (with Lukas Hoesch and Tatevik Sekhposyan) 

13:00-14:30: Lunch break

14:30-15:50: Session 3 - Afternoon 

Chair: Efrem Castelnuovo 

14:30-15:10: Céline Poilly (Aix Marseille), The Transmission Channels of Government Spending Uncertainty (with Anna Belianska and Aurélien Eyquem) 

15:10-15:50: Francesco Zanetti (Oxford University), State Dependence of Fiscal Multipliers: the Source of Fluctuations Matters (with Mishel Ghassibe) 

15:50-16:20: Coffee break

16:20-17:40: Session 4 - Afternoon 

Chair: Giovanni Pellegrino 

16:20-17:00: Ana Galvão (Warwick Business School), Forecasting Low Frequency Macroeconomic Events with High Frequency Data (with Michael Owyang) 

17:00-17:40: Juan Manuel Figueres (European Central Bank), Time Series Model for Forecasting and Interpreting Euro Area Economic Developments (with Marta Bańbura, Marek Jarociński and Carlos Montes-Galdon) 


Day 2, May 28 

09:30-11:30: Session 5 - Morning 

Chair: Efrem Castelnuovo 

09:30-10:10: Gert Peersman (Ghent University), Economic Consequences of Global Agricultural Price Shifts Caused by Harvest and Weather Disruptions: A Global Warning for Advanced Countries (with Jasmien De Winne) 

10:10-10:50: Silvia Miranda-Agrippino (Bank of England), A Tale of Two Global Monetary Policies (with Tsvetelina Nenova) 

10:50-11:30: Ivan Petrella (Warwick Business School), Terms-of-Trade Shocks are Not all Alike (with Federico Di Pace and Luciana Juvenal) 

11:30-12:00: Coffee break 

12:00-13:00: Session 6 - Morning 

Chair: Efrem Castelnuovo 
Keynote: Martin Andreasen (Aarhus University): How to Overcome Limitations of Higher-order Perturbation Approximations: Applications to Uncertainty shocks and the ZLB 

13:00-14:30: Lunch break 

14:30-15:50: Session 7 - Afternoon 

Chair: Giovanni Pellegrino 

14:30-15:10: Chiara Scotti (Federal Reserve Board), Words Speak As Loudly As Actions: Central Bank Communication and the Response of Equity Prices to Macroeconomic Announcements (with Ben Gardner and Clara Vega) 

15:10-15:50: Luis Uzeda (Bank of Canada), Sectoral Uncertainty (with Efrem Castelnuovo and Kerem Tuzcuoglu)

15:50-16:20: Coffee break 

16:20-17:20: Session 8 - Afternoon 

Chair: Giovanni Pellegrino
Keynote: Giorgio Primiceri (Northwestern University), The Mortgage Rate Conundrum (with Alejandro Justiniano and Andrea Tambalotti)

End of the workshop