Career Coaching

Italian version

The Career Coaching Service provides support to the personal and educational growth of our students, starting from the analysis and recognition of their soft skills, expectations and attitudes.

The service is aimed at all our Master’s degree students and will be provided both in Italian and in English.


Students must submit their application by 23 January 2024.

How to apply: fill in the registration form and send your motivational letter through Moodle SESP [dsea>Home > Corsi> Area studenti > CAREER-COACHING]

It will be a five-step process:
- Self Assessment. The self-assessment of soft skills will focus on communication, management and decision-making.

- Individual Coaching. The workshop contents will be defined with each participant based on their expectations and aptitudes.

- Lab skills online and in-person:  

  1. COMMUNICATION: between February and June 2024
  2. DECISION MAKING: between February and June 2024
  3. MANAGEMENT in LEADERSHIP: between February and June 2024

- Individual Coaching. Participants will be given individual feedback on what has been learnt in groups during the workshops and the hands-on activities.

- Self Assessment. The second phase of the self-assessment will provide participants with an individual analysis of their achievements and their improvement possibilities in a continuous growth perspective.

Your abilities in Communication, Decision Making and Leadership in Management will grow and will be certified by a Digital Open Badge "Soft Skills for Management" issued by the University of Padova, therefore with this course you will get: personal and professional development, excellent reputation and enrichment of your curriculum.