WARM UP - Meet Your Future

Are you a Master's degree student looking for internship or job opportunities? Do you want to enhance your CV or need guidance for job interviews?

Join the WARM UP - Meet Your Future event, organized by our Stage & Placement Office, on Monday, 8 April 2024 from 8.45 to 10.30 am, which will provide you with useful tips to prepare you best for the job market.

WARM UP will help you prepare for the upcoming edition of MEET YOUR FUTURE 2024, our professional guidance event scheduled for Thursday, 9 May 2024.

The event is only for our Master's degree students and will take place in-person, in Classroom 32, Via Bassi 1 (Padua).

How to write a CV
How to undergo a job interview
How to find internship/ job opportunities

SPEAKERS: Stage & Placement Office, Prof. Campagnolo Associate Dean for Stage & Placement

More information and the registration link are available on Moodle.

If you need any help with the registration, please write to stage.economia@unipd.it.