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Alessandra Tognazzo

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Indirizzo: VIA DEL SANTO, 33 - PADOVA . . .

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• Assistant Professor (RTD-B), University of Padova, Department of Economics and Management
since february 2022

• Senior Post-doc Research Fellow, University of Padova, Department of Economics and Management
since april 2016

Winner of several Research and Teaching awards:
• Marco Fanno Prize – 750 Euros, 2022, Best research paper in “Management”, Department of Economics and Management, University of Padova
• “6th Edition of the “EURAM SIMA AWARD” Best paper 2021,“Facing adversities: Entrepreneur’s resilience and business recovery in SMEs” (with M. Gianecchini, D. Campagnolo, S. Leonelli, P. Gubitta), EURAM Conference, Montreal
• The most innovative and provocative paper, “A study of Italian tobacco shops: innovation and family dynamics”, (with: P. Gubitta), 2016, IFERA Research Development Workshop, Catania
• Philip Morris-Empowering Research Award, Business model of the Italian tobacconists (15.000 Euros), 2015, Bologna
• The best case study ASFOR-EMERALD Teaching Case Study Competition, titolo “The heart of business in a family business: the Hotel Stella case” (with: P. Gubitta) (1.000 Euros), 2012, Milano
• The best Ph.D. Proposal by Family Business Network international/International Family Entreprise Research Academy (FBN-i/IFERA) (1.500 Euros), “Creativity in family firms: institutionalism and embeddedness”, Lancaster

Academic Journals Editorial Review Board Memebership
• Journal of Small Business Entrepreneurship
• Journal “Organizational Psychology” part of “Frontiers in Psychology”
• Studi organizzativi

Reviewer of Academic Journals
• Journal of Family Business Strategy, Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management, Group and Organization Management, Sage Open

Teaching activy:
• since 2013/2014, Family Business, Department of Economics and Management, University of Padova (Graduate program)
• since 2019/2020, Organization Design, Department of Economics and Management, University of Padova (Undergraduate program)
• since 2018/2019, Boston University, Study Abroad in Padua, Lecturer of Management Internship Course (Undergraduate program)
• 2015/2016, University of Padova, Dep. of Agrnomony and Envrionment, Professor of Human Resource Management (Undergraduate degree)
• since 2013, University of Padova, Dep. of Economics and Management, Adjunct professor of Family Business (Graduate degree)
• 2015/2016, Ca' Foscari University of Venice,Dep. of Management, Professor of Human Resource Management SECS-P/10 (Undergraduate degree)

Academic Publications in Journals:
• Tognazzo A., Gubitta P, 2022. Women and Family Governance in the hospitality industry: A study of medium-sized firms in the three most attractive Italian regions. Piccola Impresa/Small Business
• Tognazzo A., Neubaum D.O., 2020. Family Business Leaders’ Metaphors and Firm Performance: Exploring the “Roots” and “Shoots” of Symbolic Meanings. Family Business Review, 33(2), 130-151.
• Tognazzo, A., Gubitta, P., & Gerli, F., 2017. Fostering performance through leaders’ behavioral competencies: an Italian multi-level mixed-method study. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 25(2).
• Tognazzo, A., Gubitta, P., & Favaron, S. D., 2016. Does slack always affect resilience? A study of quasi-medium-sized Italian firms. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 28(9-10), 768-790. (Available for free at: )
• Tognazzo, A., Gubitta, P., & Gianecchini, M., 2016. " My Old and My New Family"-The Impact of Family Relationships on Students' Entrepreneurial Intentions: An Italian Study. International Review of Entrepreneurship, 14(4).
• Gubitta, P., Tognazzo, A., Destro, F., 2015. Signaling in academic ventures: the role of technology transfer offices and university funds. Journal of Technology Transfer.
• Tognazzo, A., Destro, F., Gubitta, P., 2013. Patenting in Family Firms. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Vol. 17, Nos. 1/2/3.

Book chapters:
• Campagnolo, D., Gianecchini, M., Gubitta, P., Leonelli, S. and Tognazzo, A. (2021) SMEs facing crisis: ideal response or equifinal reactions? In Vrontis, D., Thrassou, A., Weber, Y., Shams, R., Tsoukatos, E., Efthymiou, L. (Eds) Business Under Crisis: Avenues for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. Book series: Palgrave Studies in Cross-Disciplinary Business Research, In Association with EuroMed Academy of Business, Palgrave Macmillan (Springer), Cham, Switzerland. DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-76567-5 ISBN: 978-3-030-76567-5.
• Tognazzo A., 2021. Mock trial: una strategia per stimolare un dibattito. In Monica Fedeli, Daniela Mapelli, Carlo Mariconda, “Teaching4Learning@Unipd - L’innovazione didattica all’Università di Padova - Teorie, Progetti e Pratiche”. Padova University Press.
• Leonelli S., Masciarelli F., Tognazzo A., 2020. “I’m your leader now, but do you trust me? An analysis of leadership and trust in Family firms. In Jesùs Manuel Palma-Ruiz Ismael Barros-Contreras and Luca Gnan. Handbook of Research on the Strategic Management of Family Businesses. P. 85-106, IGI Global ISBN: 9781799822691, DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2269-1. (peer-reviewed)
• Tognazzo A., Gubitta P., 2016. The heart of business in an Italian family firm: The Hotel Stella case. In Serio L., The Italian Model of Management: A Selection of Case Studies. Sheffield, UK: Greenleaf Publishing. ISBN-13: 9781783534265.
• Gubitta, P., Meda, M., Tognazzo, A., 2015. La formazione manageriale e imprenditoriale in Italia: due fatti stilizzati. In Gubitta, P.,La formazione manageriale in Italia. Milano: Franco Angeli. ISBN: 9788891712769
• Galeazzo A., Tognazzo A., De Marchi, V., 2012. Environmental leaders in the private sector: going beyond conventional behavior. In Rigling Gallagher, D., Environmental Leadership A Reference Handbook, SAGE Publications, Inc. ISBN: 9781412981507.

My main research interests include Entrepreneurship, Family Firms, Leadership and Small and medium sized firm performance, Human resource management and Organizational dynamics.