Business Administration - How to Apply


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Information and admission deadlines for A.Y. 2021/2022: "Avviso di ammissione"  

You must fulfil the following entry requirements: 

1. A bachelor’s degree or a three-year university diploma by 25 October 2021 or by the end of this year (i.e., by 31 December 2021).

2. At least 50 CFU/ECTS registered in specific SDS - Scientific Disciplinary Sectors (SSD : Settori Scientifici Disciplinari): 

30 CFU/ECTS in SECS-P/07; SECS-P/08; SECS-P/09; SECS-P/10; SECS-P/11; ING-IND/35
10 CFU/ECTS in SECS-P/01; SECS-P/02; SECS-P/03; 
10 CFU/ECTS in SECS-P/05; SECS-S/01; SECS-S/03; SECS-S/06; MAT/05; MAT/06; MAT/08; MAT/09

("OFA-Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi" are not considered)

3. Pass the admission test held on Tuesday 27 July 2021:

30 questions, 40 minutes
60% access threshold
Ratings: 30% weighted average of exams, 70% test result (NO grade degree)

English language certificate is NOT required.


Your educational background will be subject to an overall individual assessment in order to establish whether the following core academic areas are satisfied:

- Accounting and Control;
- Management (Marketing, Operations Management, Human Resources Management, Business Strategies);
- Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics (Mathematics and Statistics).

Candidates are strongly encouraged to undertake the GMAT test (or, alternatively, GRE test). 
Though not mandatory, high GMAT/GRE scores will be a preferential element for admission.
In particular, candidates with a GMAT score (Quantitative reasoning and Verbal skills sections) ≥ 650 (or a GRE score, Verbal and Quantitative sections ≥ 320) will be directly admitted to the Msc program, provided the educational requirements (see above) and the language requirements are satisfied. 
The Academic Committee will consider the GMAT (or GRE) score only if tests have been performed prior to the application date.
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You must also have a B2 Level (CEFR) in English or an equivalent certificate.

First Call: expired on 2nd February
Second call:
2 March - 2 June 2021 for non-EU citizens residing outside Italy.
2 March – 2 September 2021 for EU citizens and non-EU citizens residing in Italy.

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