Head of Department:
Prof. Paola Valbonesi [bio]
ph. +39 049 827.4227  

Head of Administrative Staff:

Elena Autizi
ph. +39 049 827.4269

  Organizational chart

The organisational chart illustrates the main stakeholders involved in the governance system of dSEA, the internal organisational structures and the professional responsibilities.



  Faculty Development Handbook (FDH)

Appointment to the dSEA faculty carries rights and responsibilities as outlined in this Faculty Development Handbook (FDH), which is based on policies approved by the University and the dSEA and is applicable to all core faculty members. The responsibilities of core faculty members include research, teaching, service, and third mission.

The specific responsibilities of other faculty members shall be set out in applicable policies and their individual contracts or letters of appointment.

  Advisory Board

The aims of the Advisory Board are to contribute to the updating and quality of the academic programme and enhance the reputation of the Department.

The New Advisory Board for the dSEA's Excellence Project 2023-2027
Comprised of renowned experts from esteemed institutions, the AB will play a vital role in guiding our department towards excellence.

The distinguished members of the AB are:

Renée Adams (Oxford University)

Gianni De Fraja (Nottingham University)

Amy Hillman (Arizona State University)

The AB's mandate includes supporting the Head of the Department in strategic decision-making. One of their key responsibilities is to review research project proposals and assist in the allocation of departmental funding. Their invaluable feedback will facilitate the continuous improvement of our research endeavors, ensuring the maintenance of high standards of excellence. Additionally, they will provide progress reports, establish criteria for awards, oversee strategic issues, and contribute to the expansion of dSEA's programs and curriculum. Furthermore, the AB will play a role in the development of executive education programs.

It is worth highlighting that the AB mentioned earlier serves as the top-level advisory body within the department. Working in synergy with the AB, we have the Advisory Board for Teaching, consisting of professionals from various companies in their respective fields. The board includes:

  • Dante Carolo - President, Permanent Conference of Presidents of Chartered Accountants and Certified Accountants of the Triveneto Region
  • Alessia Fanton - Founder, FiloBlu
  • Susanna Martucci Fortuna - CEO and Founder, Alisea Recycled & Reused Objects Design
  • Francesco Nalini - Managing Director, Carel Industries SpA
  • Silvia Oliva - Secretary for Research, Fondazione Nord Est
  • Philip O'Regan - Former Dean, Kemmy Business School
  • Nicola Perin - Director of Administration, Finance, and Control (CFO), OVS SpA
  • Antonio Rigon - CEO and General Manager, Sinloc S.p.A.
  • Alberto Ronco - Head of Asset Management, Simgest SpA
  • Luca Vignaga - HR Director, Gruppo Marzotto and Vice President, AIDP
  • Filippo Zagagnin - Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers - PWC

Together, these two boards form a comprehensive network of expertise and guidance, ensuring the overall advancement and success of dSEA.

The previous AB members served from 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2022:

  • Lucie Courteau (Full Professor – Free University of Bozen/Bolzano)
  • Guido De Blasio (Directorate General for Economics, Statistics and Research – Bank of Italy)
  • Fabiano Schivardi (Professor of Economics and Vice-rector for Research – Luiss University)

  Risk Management Policy

The University of Padua prioritizes accountability and transparency, and the risk management policy reflects this commitment by ensuring responsible practices to mitigate potential risks.

  Internationalization Policy

Unipd's internationalization policy promotes global collaboration, cultural diversity, and transformative experiences. By embracing an inclusive approach, we foster a global community and equip our students for success in an interconnected world.

  Strategic Communications Plan

Our strategic communications policy at dSEA sets the foundation for effective communication practices, guiding us in engaging stakeholders and achieving our organizational goal.

  Resources generated by dSEA Faculty

Explore the impressive research funding achievements of our DSEA faculty, highlighting their valuable contributions to innovation and academic excellence within the department.