Vision and mission


Our vision is to become an innovative and inclusive department that offers a responsible, high-end education that is research-driven, and engaged in addressing key societal challenges, with specific attention to sustainable models and practices which create an impact beyond academia.

Three-fold Mission:


The Department is home to a research community of scholars committed to an ethical and collaborative multidisciplinary research culture open to new, innovative frontiers with an outstanding academic reputation and active international participation.


We are committed to fulfilling students' learning experiences through in-depth economics and management knowledge and innovative tools for sustainable development, providing them with avenues to build up their academic and professional skills to become responsible citizens.


Public engagement means extending research activities beyond the academic world through a conscientious and purposeful commitment to society. As reflected by our culture, we value engaging with the community and contributing with competencies through inclusive actions and sustainable practices.


  • Commitment to diversity and sustainable development
  • Community engagement and inclusion
  • Supporting academic integrity and Ethics
  • Community engagement
  • Excellence in research
  • Student-centered learning
  • Innovation in teaching and learning
  • International perspective