About Us

The Department of Economics and Management "Marco Fanno" is one of the youngest Departments in one of the most ancient European universities: the University of Padova, whose origin dates back to 1222. The Department was founded in 1990 and it soon became a leading center in the higher education of business and economic sciences.

In fact, in July 2012 the Department of Economics and Management of Padova has ranked #1 for the 7th consecutive year by the famous Italian Research Institute – Censis. The ranking has been based on several indicators measuring teaching quality and likelihood of students finding excellent jobs.

Academic Excellence

Our Academics, who are constantly coming up with innovative teaching methods, are involved in projects covering different areasSuch amplitude of scientific interests and competences has triggered the construction of several inter-disciplinary research groups whose members face real world problems from different & novel viewpoints. In addition, students are provided training periods in private firms, public institutions, research centers, and non-profit organizations to aid with their future prospects once they leave the University.

International Experience

The International Relations Office is dedicated to enhancing international partnerships and multinational and multicultural experiences in order to offer global opportunities to international students. Students come from more than 50 countries and we have more than 60 international partners. We utilize international relations as a tool for perfecting the content of educational pathways, and for allowing our students to enjoy the benefits of globalization, in its most positive aspects.