"Entrepreneur and Organizational Resilience: A Multilevel Perspective on Italian SMEs"

Simona Leonelli (Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia)
Diego Campagnolo (DSEA Unipd)
Martina Gianecchini (DSEA Unipd)

This research, published in the Journal of Small Business Management, examines how individual and organizational resilience impact Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) resilient response. Using a sample of 517 Italian firms, the results reveal a positive relationship between the individual resilience of entrepreneurs and the resilient response of SMEs and that organizational resilience overall mediates this relationship. However, results also show a complex relationship between entrepreneur’s individual resilience, organizational resilience and the expected resilient response of the SME since not all attributes of organizational resilience positively affect the resilient response or are positively affected by the entrepreneur’s individual resilience.


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