International Workshop on Competition, Regulation and Procurement

National Research University Higher School of Economics Room 508 / 9-11, Myasnitskaya street, Moscow

Dal 28.05.2018 al 29.05.2018

Competition is an essential force to deliver economic efficiency and innovation leading to a higher level of consumer welfare. In many markets, however, competition may not emerge naturally and may need to be promoted and maintained by proper rules followed by effective enforcement. Once emerged, unregulated competition may produce a number of unwanted effects, from quality degradation to self-destruction through cartelization. Industry heterogeneity, limited contractibility, and firms legal and illegal attempts to avoid competitive pressure make the task of designing rules promoting healthy competition all but easy. Public procurement adds a major additional layer of complexity to this task, coming from the need to ensure public buyer’s accountability. Since government agencies are not particularly subject to competitive pressure nor always keen in monitoring themselves, corruption remains a central problem of many public procurement markets that must be taken into account when designing regulations to promote healthy competition. This international workshop aims both to stimulate research on these important topics and to disseminate the results of it to lay public, to lawmakers and to practitioners.

International Workshop on Competition, Regulation and Procurement. The DSEA - Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Aziendali Unipd DSEA - is a promoter of the International Workshop on Competition, Regulation and Procurement, in collaboration with the HSE-Moscow, the Paris School of Economics - PSE, the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE), and with the support of the Royal Economic Society. Paola Valbonesi, Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Management, will be the Chairman of the Session 1 on May 28th. Doct. Stefano Galavotti (DSEA) will present the paper on “An Experimental Study on Sequential Auctions with Privately Known Capacities” and both Valbonesi and Riccardo Camboni Marchi Adani (DSEA) will serve as discussants of research papers presented in the Workshop. 

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