Public Economics

This research area is devoted to the analysis of market and government failures. The main focus is on the design of public and private institutions and government policies considering efficiency and social justice criteria. Methodological approaches are based on applied economic theory and empirical economics (e.g., econometric analysis, experimental studies). Typical issues that are analyzed by researchers in this field are the public provision of public and private goods; taxation; social security, health policies, and social public expenditure; cost-benefit analysis and public investments; market regulation; social choice and collective decisions; voting mechanisms and political institutions; fiscal federalism; public-private interactions; public finance and public debt management.



Thomas Bassetti

Marco Bertoni

Roberto Bonfatti

Martina Celidoni

Lorenzo Forni

Luciano Giovanni Greco

Antonio Nicolo'

Gabriele Orcalli

Vincenzo Rebba

Orestis Troumpounis

Paola Valbonesi