Tutoring Service

The Tutoring Service is aimed at all students enrolled in a program at the Department of Economics and Management “Marco Fanno".

The goals of the Tutoring Service are:

  • to help students develop an autonomous and conscientious study program.
  • to offer tools to improve work organization, helping students to maximize their output, by optimizing the use of time when studying /preparing for exams.
  • to give students a chance to discuss their problems, dealing with situations of uneasiness or distress that may affect the student’s academic results and, most importantly, his quality of life
  • to suggest interventions to improve studying abilities, foster motivation and greater control over study-related anxieties.

Tutor Junior
Four Tutors Junior collaborate with the Tutoring Service. The Tutors Junior are graduate students whose role is to assist and channel those who are having their first experiences within the university, but also to support and help those who are completing their studies at the Department of Economics and Management “Marco Fanno”.

The Tutor Juniors goals are:

  • to help students solve eventual issues related to their academic career
  • to arrange and hold study groups on subjects that cause particular problems to the students
  • to organize valuable extra-curricular activities for the students
  • to listen and evaluate suggestions and complains coming from students
  • to set up meetings and events to help students acknowledge the labor-market demand

For the academic year 2021/22, the role of Tutor Junior is held by the graduate students: Simone Nicola Bazzacco, Luca Bottoni, Lorenzo Cavallin, Laura Croccolo, Alberto Rossini, Aknur Khairzhanova, Rohit Lal, Mazdak Shaverdi and Mercedes Victoria Auqui Caceres.

For any information or doubts, Tutor Junior can be contacted at tutor.economia@unipd.it.


If you need to access the tutoring service, contact us at:


Phone: +39 049 827 1226 / 1243 

You can also book an online appointment here


Professor Martina Gianecchini - Associate Dean
Professor Alberto Alvisi - Associate Dean

Linda Giacobelli

Giovanna Ferrari