Activities and initiatives for students

The programme of educational activities and initiatives for students is promoted by the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Padova within the Teaching4Learning@Unipd (T4L) project.

Massive Open Online Courses (Mooc)

Massive Open Online Courses (Mooc) are free online courses, open to all and designed for online learning with large numbers of participants from very different cultural backgrounds and different geographical areas. They are university-level courses, but designed for a wide audience. They offer unprecedented opportunities for students and Faculty alike.

The whole @unipd staff community, professors and students, can access the MOOCs on the FutureLearn platform with their Single Sign-On account.

Moocs created by dSEA professors:

Experience Learning @dSEA

Experience Learning @dSEA has been created to promote the application of skills acquired by our Bachelor's degree and Master's Degrees students to real-life case studies and contexts, through teaching methods that encourage exchange between people with different skills and peer-learning.

Students participating in the Experience Learning @dSEA programme are at the centre of the training and learning process. Their learning ranges from technical skills to strategic and transversal skills (soft skills), which are nowadays fundamental to build their future professional careers. 

Experience Learning @dSEA programme initiatives

  Business Digitalization

The project aims to introduce the process of digital transformation of enterprises to all our Master's degree students. It foresees the development of digital skills through the realisation of projects that use technological platforms available in open source mode (Odoo education). Through the methodology of business gaming, by confronting real problems related to key business processes (procurement and production, product management, communication and customer interaction), students can understand how to perform process analysis and develop digital solutions by simulating the challenges of entrepreneurs and managers. Link to the dedicated page.


  Digital Solutions and Business Transformation

The project stems from the growing demand for greater interaction between companies and universities on issues related to the managerial challenges of digitalisation and servitization. The enormous growth and specialisation of digital business intelligence tools (business management, data analysis and visualisation) that has taken place in recent years is subjecting the techniques and contents of university courses (especially master's courses in management) to progressive evolution and adaptation. The basic idea is to provide students with a ground for experimentation and initial experience in the use of such tools, to enhance the interaction and experience of immersion in business contexts and the use of advanced project management software and tools and, in perspective, to build profiles of graduates with sufficient skills to undertake a path of digitalisation in business realities. link to the dedicated page

  Accounting Hackathon

Participants, divided into small groups, draw up a balance sheet in 9 hours, testing their knowledge of Applied General Accounting and soft skills, including team working, problem framing, problem solving and information retrieval.

The initiative is part of the Experience Learning @dSEA project, created to encourage the application of skills acquired during lessons to case studies and contexts, through the exchange between people with different skills and expertise and through peer-learning, with the support of professors and professionals. link to the dedicated page

  Organisational Design in Action

The students of the Organizational Development and Behaviour course were asked to present a report on the strengths and weaknesses of the company systems analysed and a proposal for improvements in the organisational field. Through this course, students interface directly with company managers and work in groups, training increasingly relevant transversal skills such as critical thinking, problem framing and problem solving. link to the dedicated page

  Working in 21st century organisations

The course is aimed at third year Bachelor's degree and Master's degree students.

The objective is to promote awareness of managerial tools and approaches, with a view to entering the job market.

The course explores the Teal Organisation in terms of self-management, empowerment and shared relationships. link to dedicated page

  Technology and Management

The course is aimed at second-year Master's degree students in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Law and Economics (Economia e Diritto).

The initiative aims to promote the acquisition of economic and managerial skills to manage processes of continuous innovation and increasing complexity, the acquisition of analytical methods and tools for business management and the development of managerial soft-skills. link to the dedicated page