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Call for applications 2024-25

Evaluation of qualifications - Economics and Management

Candidates admitted to the oral interview - Economics

Candidates admitted to the oral interview - Management

Oral interview schedule - Economics

Oral interview schedule - Management

Oral interview results - Economics

Oral interview results - Management

As stated in the Technical guidelines for the submission of the application form for PhD Courses: after the application has been correctly filled in and submitted, applicants will receive an email with the confirmation of the submission and a password that will allow them to check the final ranking.

As stated in the Call for applications, the rankings will be made public from July 2nd 2024 through:
• Publication on the University’s official register;
• Publication on the University of Padova website:
Successful candidates must enrol by July 25th 2024. Information on enrolment procedures will be published at the same time as the rankings.
Publication of enrolment deadlines are to be considered as official notification for all intents and purposes.
No personal communication will be sent to the candidates. Candidates granted admission to the Courses are responsible for checking enrolment dates and procedures.

  Call for applications 2024-25

We offer five four-year scholarships, three for the curriculum in Economics and two for the curriculum in Management.

The call for applications closed on 13 May CLICK HERE

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