Program focus

The program lasts two years and it is divided into three curricula to allow students to choose the focus that better fits their professional aspirations:

  • Accounting, Control and Corporate Finance  – Entirely taught in English
  • Banking and Finance – Entirely taught in English
  • Consulenza e Direzione Aziendale –Taught partially in Italian and partially in English

In all curricula the study plan includes a preliminary core of teaching modules aimed at developing the theoretical and methodological knowledge necessary to analyse the economic and institutional context in which companies and financial institutions operate. On this core knowledge, necessary to manage complex business phenomena, are next added specialized modules aimed at ensuring an adequate familiarity with the most advanced methodologies for each field of specialization. Ultimately, the study plan delivers an in-depth knowledge of finance and accounting tools for problem solving and risk assessment in different institutional and competitive contexts. An optional training period – which is compulsory for the curriculum CDA- complements the education provided by the program.