Management Students

Ambrosini  Francesco Ambrosini

Research Interests:
Money Laundering
Organised Crime

Auqui  Mercedes Victoria Auqui Caceres

Research Interests:
Business Model Innovation

carlet  Enrico Carlet

Research Interests:
Institution-based View of Strategy
Intercultural Management
Organization Theory

carraro  Michela Carraro

Research Interests:
Innovation and Organizational Inheritance
Organizational Routines
Operational Excellence

Coppola  Giovanni Coppola

Research Interests:  
Banking Regulation and Supervision
Corporate Strategic and Financial Management

Anush  Anush Drampyan

Research Interests
Financial Accounting
Banking and Regulation

Yanting   Yanting Gu

Research Interests:
Strategic Alliances
Acquisitions and Mergers
Business Strategy

Zhi   Zhi Jiang

Research Interests:
Tourism and Value-co-creation
Tourism and Knowledge Management
Sustainable Tourism Development

Longhin  Federico Longhin

Research Interests:
Corporate Bankruptcy and Credit Risk

Enrico Marcazzan  Enrico Marcazzan

Research Interests:
Organizational Resilience
Anticipation and Preparation for Adversities
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Elisa Sabbadin  Elisa Sabbadin

Research Interests:

Jing Wang  Jing Wang

Research Interests:
Accounting and Control
Marketing Strategies
Operations Optimization

Department of Economics and Management
Ph.D. Office
Via Bassi 1- 35131 Padova
Phone: + 39 049 827 1229

PhD Director: Professor Enrico Rettore (Economics)
PhD Deputy Director: Professor Michele Fabrizi (Management)