Course Overview

This course aims at offering knowledge and tools to understand trends related to the global economy, with special attention to innovation dynamics and the growth of new and established firms. 

Students acquire a deep understanding of the organisation of resources and relationships both within the firm and global supply chains. They are trained to apply quantitative and qualitative tools to both general business decisions (strategy) and functional ones (marketing, innovation, human resources).

Students benefit from pioneering research-informed teaching and learning-by-doing activities. They are exposed to both traditional and innovative teaching methods aiming at their professionalization and cultural growth (e.g., lectures, case studies, visits). 

They also obtain hands-on and team work experience participating in managerial labs and workshops that help them develop original business proposals and work on projects outsourced by companies.

Programme structure

1st Year: Economics and Management of Innovation; Relational Marketing; Global Firms and Global Value Chains; Management Control and Finance; English for Economics and Business; Corporate Law; Economics for Management; Statistics for Management.

2nd Year: Entrepreneurship and Strategies for Growth; Service Management; Economics of Human Resources; Organisation Design and Governance of Human Capital, Managerial Labs in Business Management and Human Resource Management.

The Program Director isprof. Marco Ugo Paiola