Job Profile

The Master MIBS forms professional figures that support the process of firms‘ internationalization. The MIBS Master provides both a solid knowledge in different fields of management (organization, marketing, and strategy), and specific expertise in the innovation activity of firms. 

Supporting SME Internationalisation:
The professional that we train is the junior manager one of junior manager concerning activities like: export manager, project manager, human resources manager, global supply chain and outsourcing manager, MNE subsidiary manager.

WEB Marketing:
The curriculum in Web Marketing of the Master MIBS aims to train professionals to support the complex process of internationalization of enterprises through web channels. The curriculum provides both a strong knowledge in various fields of management (organization, marketing and strategy) and specific skills to support business intelligence, web analytic and e-commerce.


Department of Economics and Management 
Master Office
via U. Bassi 1 (4th floor),  35131 Padova
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday, 9:00-14:00
phone: +39 049 8271229