PhD Alumni


Loretti Isabella Dobrescu 

Loretti Isabella Dobrescu wrote her thesis on “Savings and Health Care”, graduated in 2009, and her placement was at the University of New South Wales. 


“I will always look back to my PhD years in Padua as some of the best in my life. (And I currently live in Sydney, which is a difficult bar to meet in terms of lifestyle and workstyle!) The beauty of the city, the academic standing of the department, and above all, the human and intellectual quality of the people - academic and non-academic staff - that 'make' the Marco department have been the highlights of the time I spent in my first academic home. So if you look for a place to take your academic career to the next level that will unapologetically challenge and inspire you every day, choose the PhD program at University of Padua (Padova for friends). And don't miss the Game theory and Econometrics courses - they're to 'die' for.”



Xing Huan  

Xing Huan rwrote his thesis on “International banking”, graduated in 2016, and his placement was at the University College Dublin.

“I enrolled into at the time joint PhD programme between Ca' Foscari University of Venice, University of Padova, and University of Verona in fall 2012. The programme back then allowed us to choose our PhD supervisors across all three faculties, and I started working with Professor Antonio Parbonetti in Padova from the second year. The programme is very supportive and resourceful, which opens many opportunities for collaboration with scholars from not only the university itself but also an extensive International network. I also spent a term in Case Western Reserve University as a visiting scholar, during which period I received a lot of support and feedback on my research. Padova itself is a historical and charming city. The collegiate style accommodation also made my time in Padova very unique and unforgettable. It was definitely a very special PhD experience which I could not have had elsewhere.”


Marco Piovesan  

Marco Piovesan wrote his thesis on “Behavioral and Experimental Economics”, graduated in 2007, and his placement was at the University of Copenhagen. 

“The PhD in Economics at the University of Padua give me the chance to have a good training in both economic Theory and Econometrics. The international relationship of the department give me the chance to spend a significant part of your PhD abroad and thus be exposed to stimulating learning environment.”




Francesco Strobbe  

Francesco Strobbe wrote his thesis on “Social protection and poverty transmission”, graduated in 2010, and his placement was at the World Bank. 

“The PhD program in Economics and Management has been an extremely rewarding experience. The vibrant academic environment, the exposure to international experiences through partnerships with top Universities in US and a cohesive community of professors and students are all vivid memories of my PhD time in Padua. As a PhD student you have the luxury of thinking big, being ambitious and creative in actively advancing the research frontier in your area of focus. For me, the experience at SDEM has been fundamental in orienting my thinking on economic policy underpinned by solid analytical evidence. An experience that prepared me well for my current role in advising and supporting governments around the world in developing policies for sound and inclusive financial sectors.”