Program structure

The Master's degree in Applied Economics is organized in three curricula:

Digital Economics
It's hard to imagine our lives without platforms. Digital platforms have not only changed the way to do business but also the very nature of people's everyday lives. On online marketplaces, network effects play a crucial role, and large platforms have become dominant. Products and services are data driven and innovation is of paramount importance to succeed. The Curriculum in Digital Economics provides graduates with a deep understanding of the functioning of digital markets and platforms, by combining a solid training in data analytics with advanced competences in industrial organization, management, market mechanisms, and regulatory policies, specifically designed for the Digital Economy.

Economic Data Analytics
Lots of data are continuously produced by government agencies, companies, consumers, and appliances. Such a wealth of information can be used to guide decisions, improve performance and design new services. Exploiting this potential requires a proper understanding of the underlying economic processes, and the command of data analytics methods. The Curriculum on Economic Data Analytics provides graduates with a solid background in economics, combined with advanced skills in data management, such as machine learning, impact evaluation and forecasting.

Environmental Economics & Green Finance
Climate change and the need for a sustainable use of natural resources have led governments, companies and stakeholders to reassess public policies, business models, performance objectives, risk management and asset allocation. The curriculum Environmental Economics & Green Finance is designed to equip graduates with the conceptual tools and the practical skills required to incorporate environmental sustainability into decision-making, in order to effectively reduce environmental impacts. The Curriculum provides students with in-depth understanding of economics and finance, together with skills relevant to sustainability measurement and reporting.