Marketing Management & Customer Behavior

Course description

This course will provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in the marketing and consumer behavior. The course will be divided into three main sections: (1) understanding consumer preferences, (2) consumer preferences and managerial action, (3) managerial action and organizational implementation.

Required course materials

Readings: a packet of readings is required for this course.

Course objectives

This course will provide students with foundational skills and knowledge in marketing.

Course assignment and students evaluation

Grades in this course will be based on an exam, a project, and in class performance.

  • Exam: 30
  • Professor’s Case Study Evaluation: 25
  • Peer’s Case Study Evaluation: 5
  • In-Class Performance & Misc. Assignments (3): 45

Total: 100%

In-Class Performance

This Master course is designed in a way that gives an important role to the participation of each student during the lessons. It is important to be pro-active by asking questions, making relevant comments and adding personal views on the topics discussed. Students are expected to participate actively by having read the teaching material in advance, taking an active role in group discussions, team work and special seminars. Your overall participation will count towards the final grade of this course. 

There will be a few in-class exercises built on the class discussion. These exercises will be given out in class to be completed and submitted at the end of class. There will be no make-up exercise if you miss the attendance, 45% of your grade

Case Analysis Project

Your project is to come up with a hit product (e.g., perfume, cosmetics, food products). Your presentation will include:

  • A description of the target market in terms of product usage, lifestyle group, and tastes.
  • An analysis of current trends for this target market in some non-cosmetic/fragrance/food area such as clothing, home decor, hobbies, etc. 
  • A positioning statement summarizing the essence of the brand. 

Positioning statement:

To ________________ (fill in a description of the target market) __________________ (fill in brand name) is the brand of __________________ (fill in specific category) that provides _________________ (fill in benefits) and represents ________________ (fill in brand associations and meanings). 

Based on this positioning statement you will also provide an overview of the marketing mix (the 4 P’s) in the final retail strategy

  • Product.  A verbal description of what it will smell (or taste) like.
  • Price.  A suggested retail price and price promotion policy.
  • Place.  An overview of the distribution strategy.
  • Promotion. A package design and/or advertising concept.
  • Retail Strategy. A roadmap that integrates the (1) target market segment, (2) retail format, (3) basis for sustainable competitive advantage.


Grading the trend analysis project

What to turn in. Your grade will be based on your presentation and any supporting materials you wish to provide to the instructor. You should provide the instructor and each member of the class with a copy of your PowerPoint slides which they can take notes on. You should provide the instructor, but not the other students, any supporting materials that you believe strengthen your case but you did not have time to review in depth during the presentation. You do not turn in a full written report. 

Peer evaluations. The process of grading other people’s work gives you important insights into what constitutes good work and how to avoid common mistakes. As part of your learning experience you will grade your fellow student’s presentations. Your grade and comments will be anonymously distributed back to them. Peer evaluations will be averaged and will account for 5% of the final grade. 

Professor’s evaluations. The professor will evaluate the presentations. This will account for 25% of your final grade. 


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