Course organization

Course Outline

Classes, seminars and laboratories will take place on Friday afternoons from 2pm to 7pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm, starting from November 2018.

Course periods

Lessons start in November and end in June. The final thesis will be discussed at the end of September.


The coursework is divided into 15 modules. 316 hours (about 7 months) of frontal lessons will take place in the Department of Economics and Management, via Ugo Bassi 1, Padova. 350 hours of compulsory internship will be provided by MiFIC sponsors or by firms or professional entities selected by students.
In addition to the standard frontal lectures, students are expected to carry out case and business studies, group projects and seminars aimed at developing a team work attitude useful for their future business life.
All teaching material is provided free of charge at the beginning of each module.

Teaching staff

Italian and international professors and highly qualified professionals working for important companies ensure a high quality to the teaching plan. The master’s subjects are outlined according to the requests of companies and associations in the international commerce and finance environment.

Master thesis

The final work will analyze a specific topic related to Finance, Economic and Legal subjects in the fields of International Commerce and Finance. The topic is chosen by the student with the help of his mentor who is usually a MiFIC teacher.

Visiting managers

In addition to the initial presentation of our sponsors, a few visiting managers will be invited to attend our modules and to provide a value added to ordinary lessons. They will focus on their professional experience and provide students with a view of real business life and important suggestions for their future careers.