Single course units

The Master offers the opportunity to attend individual modules by students with or without the degree required for enrollment in the whole Master project. At the end of the lessons, it is possible to take the exam and obtain the certification of the activity performed.

The admission, one per modules, will be obtained on the basis of a call for application in which you will find the instruction about how to apply. Please contact the master office for more details and also the confirmation on the starting dates.  


Single course units available are: 

  Legal & Commercial English

This course explores the financial and intellectual property subjects of letters of credit, secured transactions, bankruptcy, patents, trademarks, copyrights and personality rights. Students are exposed both to the English usage of these important commercial activities and to the Anglo-American principles that govern these concepts.

  International Tax Law

The aim of this course is to provide students with the basics of International Taxation Law, with a particular focus on income taxation, VAT and custom duties matters. Students are expected to develop a basic, yet comprehensive knowledge as to how taxation laws may shape the growth of international trade.

  International Transport and Incoterms

This course will provide the knowledge needed for understanding the problems and contracts relating to the international transport of commodities